About Red Kite Freight Solutions

Red Kite Freight Solutions specializes in finding transportation solutions for a wide variety of loads, from raw materials to finished goods, including metals, lumber, heavy equipment, dry goods, refrigerated products and more. We are committed to building strong relationships with employees, customers, vendors and carriers and treating our network like family. Red Kite Freight Solutions is an independent division of Leeco® Steel, a Chicago-based affiliate of O’Neal Industries, and has decades of experience in the logistics surrounding material and goods transit.

Why Red Kite?

Red Kite Freight Solutions is named after the red kite bird of prey- an adaptive and resilient bird that travels hundreds of miles for food, but always returns home. Like the red kite bird, Red Kite Freight Solutions puts family first and finds adaptive, creative ways to move freight efficiently via its network of carriers, while also helping carriers find their next load. Red Kite always works hard to ensure everyone in its network thrives.