Energy Freight Solutions

Transmission towers, solar panels and wind turbines keep our world powered. To keep our energy system running, it is important that the parts used to build our infrastructure are delivered efficiently and quickly to avoid slowdowns in major projects.

Energy parts like turbine blades, bases and beams are large and heavy, requiring a carrier experienced in handling large and oversized loads. Some energy parts, like photovoltaic (PV) panels, are fragile as well, meaning extra care must be taken during transport to avoid damages.

Finding a reliable, skilled carrier to deliver your energy components can be difficult, especially when trying to control costs. However, working with an experienced freight broker can help you partner with a dependable carrier that will deliver your components on-time and safely.

Let Red Kite be the experts to help deliver your products! Our team has years of experience in coordinating heavy and oversized freight, and we make the process streamlined so you can get your materials on the road faster. We treat our customers like family and will ensure your product is transported by a dependable, efficient carrier.

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