Freight Solutions for Heavy Equipment

Timely, efficient and affordable freight solutions are critical for heavy equipment manufacturers. Raw materials, like steel, glass, plastics and metals, must be delivered within a specific timeframe so production can run smoothly, while finished equipment, such as bulldozers, forklifts and excavators, requires knowledgeable and reliable drivers who can ensure the equipment arrives safely and on-time.

Finding a trusted carrier experienced in transporting heavy equipment is time-consuming and can take manufacturers away from other important tasks. Partnering with a freight coordinator who has an extensive network of knowledgeable carriers can save time and ensure your valuable equipment arrives at its destination safely.

Let Red Kite find the right carrier for you! Our expert team has a network of experienced carriers that will transport your heavy equipment – whether it is raw materials or finished product – safely and efficiently. We prioritize customer service and will work to find the best freight solution for you.

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